The library is the soul of the institution and it acquires, processes, preserves and disseminates information to the user community with the motto of empowering knowledge. It has an extensive collection of books, reference materials for satisfying the academic and research needs of the students and faculty. The library has automated all its library activities to provide effective and wide range of academic resources such as books, journals, periodicals etc. There is a separate reading room for students. The sitting capacity of the reading room of the library is for 60 readers.

The library always encourages all students and faculty to recommend new books in order to strengthen their collection. The students and faculty members can also suggest new titles by completing necessary formalities.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday

11.00am to 4.00pm


11.00am to 2.30pm

Library Resources

The library has 450 titles and 3311 volumes including reference and text books. Books are being arranged on open access shelves for easy search and retrieval purposes.

Reference Collection:

While most of the books that are available in the library can be issued by the students or faculty, some of the books are kept exclusively for reference purposes. The library has a collection of 400 reference books. The reference books can be photocopied.

Textbooks Collection:

Textbooks for courses are arranged in a separate area. The total number of titles in the college library is 450.

News Paper Collection:

Library has subscribed

newspapers both in English and Bengali languages, so that the students can read as per their comfort.


Library has been subscribing a good number of periodicals to satisfy the academic and reference needs of both students and faculty. At present, library has subscribed 30 periodicals/journals.

Library Services

Library Open Access:

All the library members have partial open access to library documents. This facility is granted to library members to encourage their reading habits and promote maximum use of library documents.

Lending Service:

The students may borrow 5 (five) book at a time for home use for a period of two weeks and can renew the same for another week.

Lending Service to the outgoing students:

The students appearing at the university examination may borrow books for home use and keep the book till the completion of the examination. The students have to deposit the same within one week after the completion of the examination.

Syllabi of different subjects:

In the present day of continuously changing frontiers, the syllabi of all subjects have been modified in recent times, in some cases substantially. To serve our readers in a better and fruitful way, we keep the syllabi of different subjects.

Question papers of previous examinations:

To acquaint the students with the demands made by various university examinations, we keep the question papers of the affiliating university for the users’ study. The questions of previous examinations are very important for study and teaching.

Latest arrivals:

To inform the users about our new arrivals, we display the list of new additions along with the jacket of books (if available). Lists of books of renowned and important publishers are kept with us for consultation. Periodical and Newspaper Service: We also issue periodicals and newspapers to the users for use in the library and common room.

Internet Service:

We have internet connectivity in the library and if required, we help the users to search various information sources available in the net.

Reprographic Services:

Photocopy service is offered for library books and journal articles to all the students and faculty.

Loan Services

Library documents can be borrowed for home use normally during the lending hours as specified by the librarian. The students can borrow five books from library.

Loan Conditions:

Books shall be loaned subject to the following conditions

  • Library document should not be spoiled by underlining or writing with pen, pencil, ink or by any other means.
  • Library document loaned for the normal period may be renewed for one more loan period on production of the same, provided they are not already claimed by other readers.
  • Library document is non-transferable, and students/faculty cannot borrow library documents(s) on other member’s account.
  • Library documents which in the opinion of the Librarian are not in good condition shall not be issued for home reading.
  • Library documents to be taken on loan should be presented at the check point.

Fines and Penalties:

The following charges shall be recovered for each library document after the decided period of loan from the borrower.

Books lost:

The member shall report immediately to the Librarian for loss of any library document(s) borrowed from the library. Books lost have to be compensated or double of the current price to be paid. Removing library documents without getting them properly issued is a serious misdemeanor.

Library Card Lost:

For the loss of library lending card, a duplicate card will be issued after paying Rs. 100/-. At least 3 days intimation is required for issuing a duplicate/new card.

Overdue of Books:

Fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be collected from the defaulter during overdue of library books.


The College has well equipped laboratories for course related practical work. There are eleven laboratories in the college –

  • Language Lab
  • L.Sc. Lab
  • P.Sc. Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Geography Lab
  • Curriculum Lab
  • ICT Lab
  • Physical Education Lab
  • Art Education Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Psychology Lab

Multipurpose Hall

The college has a well furnished, spacious Multi-Purpose Hall with a seating capacity of 250. The multipurpose hall is equipped with the best of audio-visual facility along with various advanced technologies to facilitate co-curricular activities for the students. The hall will be used for various activities such as workshops, seminars, special lectures exhibitions, quiz competitions, cultural activities such as extempore competition, debates, dramatics, musicals etc. all round the year.

Principal/Staff/Administrative Room

The college includes separate Principal’s room, Staff room and administrative room. The office is fully computerized with 24 hours broad band access. Students and parents have access to the office for their admission, fees payment, student’s scholarship, student registration, and all other educational needs. The office also offers services to staff members.

Common Room (Boys/Girls)

The college has separate common rooms for girls and boys. Recreational facilities are available in the common room. These serve as an open space for relaxation, socializing and entertainment. Both Girls’ and Boys’ common rooms are spacious and airy. They have various indoor game facilities like table tennis, carom etc.